Eagle Real Estate Management Inc.
Property Management and Real Estate Sales 

Property Management Services 

 Eagle Real Estate is owned and brokered by experienced, knowledgeable brokers. The company has  been in operation for more than 25 years in Carson City and surrounding areas. Our company manages all property investments including residential, apartments and commercial. 

Our clients rely on us to coordinate services, terms and requests between offices, tenants and maintenance. With this in mind, we have prepared the following review. 

The management and maintenance of your property go hand in hand in our office. Maintenance is available as part of our program, keeping cost at a minimum for our clients. We are available 24/7 for emergencies. 

Tenant screening is completed through application inquiries, credit checks and knowledgeable personal interviews. Computerized account and reports all services are prepared and made readily available for examination monthly. 

Our fees range from 7% to 15% depending on location, condition, and volume of property and are always negotiable. 

A professional property manager saves you time, work and stress. All the things you normally have to do will be done by us, including: 1. coordinate cleaning, painting, and repairs. 2. Place advertisements, fielding rental calls, showing properties and screening applicants. 3. Execute a rental agreement, add addendum's, follow up on move-in condition lists and money deposits. 4. We will confront tenants on problem issues like collection of late rents, NSF checks and serve legal notices to prepare for eviction. 

We provide a full variety of property management services which we tailor to you and your property. 

We are available to answer your question on a personal basis. Call us at 775-882-7690.